Molift Easy Raiser Sling with Support


Please note that the Molift Easy Raiser Sling with Support can only be used with the Molift Quick Raiser range of stand aids.



The Molift Easy Raiser Sling with Support is an upholstered sling developed for active lifting together with the Molift Quick Raiser.  It provides perfect lumbar support and is the ideal solution for lifting and moving between different sitting positions.

It is quick and easy to place the sling around the user.  By virtue of the sling design it is ideal for toileting.  The Molift Easy Raiser Sling with Support has an efficient anti-slip lining to prevent the sling riding up.  Its high back distributes weight and pressure evenly over a large surface.  The waist belt helps provide additional support and stability.

The Molift Easy Raiser with Support is a two piece which provides pelvic support to users needing a little extra help to stand up.  The additional support band is positioned beneath the main chest band which then gives extra assistance from lower down in the initial phase.  Please note that the support part of the sling cannot be added to a standard Easy Raiser Sling in retrospect as there are straps attached to hold the support, it must specified with the sling at the point of order.

  • Quick and easy to position
  • Good lumbar support
  • Waist belt for additional support and stability
  • Anti-slip lining
  • Can be washed or sterilised (auto clave)
  • High back distributes weight and pressure
  • Includes Easy Raiser Support

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