Glide and Lock Sheet Unassisted


This Glide and Lock Sheet is the 48cm x 53cm size.

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Comfortable and hard wearing the glide and lock sheet helps people maintain a correct and comfortable position in the back of a chair or wheelchair.  The sheet glides the individual to the back of chair/wheelchair or further up the bed and then secure them in position, preventing sliding and slipping.

Glide and Lock Sheet specifications

  • 48cm x 53cm
  • Washable at 72°C
  • Low tumble dry
  • No handles
  • Facility to attach disposable covers

This glide and lock sheet is suitable for individuals that can manage unassisted.  The Glide and Lock Sheet is a real help when repositioning in a chair or wheelchair. If you find it difficult to push back in the chair this system will assist you to push back and and prevent you from sliding forward.

There is no need to worry about shearing forces, the person will move on top of the glide and lock as they would on a chair surface, it is the mechanism inside the product that enables repositioning.

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