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Adaptations and Equipment



When skills cannot be regained following an illness, disability or the ageing process the use of equipment and adaptation of the environment enables individuals to continue to access essential facilities within their home environment.  Equipment can include items such as bathing aids or toileting equipment to enable you to carry out personal care tasks safely and independently.  Minor adaptations may be the fitting of grab rails or half steps and major adaptations include items such as stair lifts, vertical lifts, level access showers and ramped access to the property.

When major home adaptations are required, the local authority has a duty to assess your needs and advise on eligibility for a Disabled Facilities Grant to contribute towards the cost. An Occupational Therapy assessment is completed to establish the need for adaptations and they can be accessed through the local authority social services department, or privately. Prior to the undertaking of a private assessment contact will be made with your local council to ensure private occupational therapy assessment reports are accepted in your DFG application.

“A Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is a local council grant to help towards the cost of adapting your home to enable you to continue to live there. A grant is paid when the council considers that changes are necessary to meet your needs, and that the work is reasonable and practical”. (  Disabled Facilities Grants are means tested grants and a financial assessment will need to be carried out by your local council to establish whether you are eligible.

Minor and major adaptations and equipment will be recommended throughout interventions as required.

Leaflets regarding DFGs can be sent to you at your request.