On 19th April we were invited to attend a local stroke support group, to talk about the role of occupational therapy, following a stroke.  To find your local stroke support group you can contact the stroke association at www.stroke.org.uk

We were delighted to attend Earlsdon Park Village and were really impressed with the vibrant entrance to the recently built sheltered accommodation complex and its bustling community.  The entrance to the building has a reception desk, café, supermarket and some market stalls selling fresh produce. The stroke group meets fortnightly, in the Sky Lounge, on the top floor of the building.  The views over the city were incredible; the whole of Coventry city and surrounding areas can be viewed through the enormous windows.

We talked about our roles as independent occupational therapists and the services Reable Me Limited can provide.  We also described the role of occupational therapists within statutory services; we explained what people might expect whilst in hospital and upon return home.    Following the presentation we were able to respond to individual queries, concerns and questions. A recurring experience following a stroke was raised, that is, an individual was unable to return home upon discharge from hospital.  The individual concerned was staying in a residential care placement, as their home had not been adapted to accommodate their changed needs. We provided advice about various action that could be taken to resolve the situation. Reable Me Ltd can assist people to return to their own home, by providing a responsive service in identifying environmental adaptations required and helping people to secure funding, or self-fund, to bring the adaptations to fruition.   

A presentation from Robin and Gary, REMAP followed.  REMAP are a charitable organisation who tailor make equipment to enable disabled people live their lives more independently. We are attending a REMAP local panel meeting this week, to contribute an occupational therapy perspective on the current issues they are exploring.  We will provide further information about remap in our next blog, in the meantime you can visit their website at www.remap.org.uk