Today Reable Me Limited took a referral from someone whose father has multiple sclerosis and is supported with a package of care.  He is hoisted for all transfers, however the sling he currently uses is now unsuitable as carers are unable to fit it when he is using his wheelchair.  The care agency advised the family they would need to provide all care in bed until a more suitable sling was in place.

The family contacted their local social care department to request an OT assessment and were advised that there is a current waiting time of two months before they will be seen.  Understandably they are very concerned about his physical and mental wellbeing if he has to remain in bed for this length of time before the situation is resolved.

His daughter contacted Reable Me Limited, and we have arranged for an in seat sling to be tried  within 2 working days, when a moving and handling risk assessment and handling plan will be completed.  Providing the sling is suitable it will be left in situ and the documentation, which can be shared with the agency as part of the client’s support plan, will be provided within a further working day.

The cost of the OT visit, risk assessment and handling plan is £150 plus VAT and the RRP for the sling is £194 plus VAT, however, a discount has been applied to reflect both assessment and equipment being purchased via Reable Me Ltd.  VAT exemption forms can be completed during the visit, so the net cost to the client is £310.00.

We believe the quicker the intervention the less likely the client is to experience a loss in abilities and a deterioration in their health.  We hope the benefits outweigh the financial outlay and enable the client to continue with his day to day life.